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For regrowth of hair, and a complete hair treatment.

“Nourish your locks with the power of Ayurveda - try our all-natural hair oil today!”

Why Sanjivani Hair Oil?
1. Promotes hair growth
2. Strengthens hair roots
3. Adds shine and softness
4. Prevents hair loss
5. Treats scalp conditions such as dandruff
6. Reduces premature graying
7. Conditions and moisturizes hair

How Is It Different?
1. 100% natural ingredients
2. No harsh chemicals
3. Blends traditional Ayurvedic knowledge
4. Handcrafted in small batches
5. Tailored to all hair types and needs
6. Free from synthetic fragrances and preservatives
7. Nourishes and revitalizes hair from roots to tips.

“Experience the difference for yourself 


Additional Benefits

- Serves as a complete hair treatment and regular use  can get you strong silky and dense hair growth.

- Reactivates Dead hair folliciles and starts hair growth made from rare herbs to cure baldness

Sanjivani Fort Herbal Extract Oil


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