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The ALLER-X remedy is founded on the premise that allergy, caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system leading to a misdirected immune response, occurs when the immune system reacts to substances (allergens) that are generally harmless and in most people do not cause an immune response.



- In normal circumstances, once any kind of allergy cleared by Aller-X Herbal Capsule, doesn’t recurred in future.

-  Aller-X Herbal Capsule can also be taken as preventive measure. A normal person completes a course of 90 days, can be prevented form any kind of allergic symptoms in future.

Aller-X Herbal Capsule

  • Two Capsules a day (One in the morning and one at evening)

    The duration of treatment normally depending upon the kind of allergy and the personal history of the patient. In any circumstances it must be taken for minimum period of 6 months continuously, after this, if require, one should extend the treatment.

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